Yog and Ayurved……

Ayurved and Yog (which is popularly called Yoga) is two of the most ancient gifts of India given to the world infacts it’s a blessing, a way of healthly and peaceful life.

I m very fortunate to be learning both of these ancient science, I think it basically points one of the most basic things i.e “preventions is better than cure”.

Amid the pandemic we have realised the importance of Yog and Ayurved helping us to boast our immunity and live a more balanced life.It also boast our mental health which is the need of the hour as people are locked in their houses and rates of mental depression, insomnia, anxiety,etc is at its peak.

I strongly believe that Ayurved and Yog should be incorporated in day to day life for combating the lifestyle disease which is one of the major reason for deaths in todays era.

Yog is one of the most easiest things u can do to make your body healthy and fit.Yog has 8 different branches and asanas and pranayam are one of these.

Upsidedown gives u an add-on vision of looking at life ❣️